Founders Freya and Rebecca

Founded by Freya Marechal & Rebecca Reynolds, Bella Brett is an ongoing exploration into our relationship with art, human spirit and the natural world. The desire for a kinder, more authentic approach to fashion has led us here: a brand that captures the imagination, inspires expression, and fosters harmony between clothing, people and planet.

As a collaborative project, bound by like-minded values, Bella Brett is a testimony to our friendship and the inspiring people that we’ve met along the way.

Bella Brett sits at the intersection of community and individuality. Each striking, artisan piece is designed to evoke your sense of self  and complement your unique style. At the same time, we want to foster a collective of creative, wild spirits, who share a vision of a better world.

We are conscious in our methods every step of the way. We take our time. From design to sourcing, manufacturing to distributing, our clothes weave a story of the people and planet from which they are made. Read our Conscious Manifesto here.

Join our journey as we regenerate the clothes we wear, and in doing so, regenerate ourselves.