Community, craftsmanship and the Earth are the soul of Bella Brett, and we strive to improve our practice every step of the way. Our biggest drive is to care for our beautiful planet, as well as support and empower the skilled workers and craftsmen that are local to us in the UK. 

We work in close collaboration with a number of talented people, whose values reflect those that we hold so dearly. Together, we are championing circular fashion and its vital role in the shift towards sustainable consumption.

Our goal with Bella Brett is to be part of and expand the amazing efforts being carried out all over the globe in securing that green, bright future!

Our garments are bespokely, handmade to order in house. Although this approach means it may take longer for your beloved pieces to reach your front door, it guarantees that we are only producing what is needed. We hope that this slow-fashion approach makes the wait even more worthwhile, and the garment even more satisfying. 

By producing with longevity in mind, hoping our timeless pieces will fit into your wardrobe for years to come, we are also conscious of the impact that our garments will have at the end of their lives. The materials we use for Bella Brett are made out of natural fibers (making them biodegradable) or have been recycled. All of our fabrics are certified to the highest standard in the textile industry, using only the best for you and the planet.

All of our tags and packaging is recycled and/or biodegradable. We say no to single-use plastics! 

It’s vital to us that our pieces leave the smallest trace on the planet.

We believe that transparency is key. We are constantly learning, adapting and implementing change where needed. You can find information about our production process here.